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Super tone-shaping, from mix to master. 믹싱에서 마스터링까지 아우르는 간결한 톤 쉐이핑 Modelagem excelente de tonalidade, da mix à master. 周波数の鋭利なピックアップとトーンシェーピング 从混音到母带的超级音色塑造 從混音到母帶的超級音色塑造
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Tiltshift is a new type of tilt EQ that does more with less. More than any other equalizer, Tiltshift is able to dramatically alter the tone and timbre of your audio — going from mellow warmth to crystal clear with a single, loudness-matched slider — while sticking to the first rule of mastering: do no harm.

By using extremely gentle slopes (often less than 1 dB per octave), the relative phase, frequency, and transient response of the audio is preserved, making it faster and easier to find the right global EQ curve before focusing on specifics, and Tiltshift’s perceptual loudness lock technology makes it easier to compare EQ settings, or automate the tilt, without worrying about gain changes.

Tiltshift’s frequency response for three tilt settings with a wide range

Why Tiltshift?

The guiding principle of EQ plugins often seems to be: more is more. More bands, more peaks, more valleys, more parameters to learn, and more metering to focus on. While we do appreciate a full-fledged multiband EQ when it’s needed, oftentimes, they’re not the best tool for the job. “More is more” also means more complication, more signal mangling, more phase distortion, CPU-usage, etc., and less productive mixing or mastering, less musicality and creativity.

So what if there was less in an EQ? Meet Tiltshift: superior tone-shaping, for anything from mixing to mastering.

Tilt Features

  • Incredible sounding tilt algorithm
  • Variable tilt frequency range
  • “Perceptual loudness lock” for perfectly matched loudness
  • Completely automatable
  • CPU-friendly enough to be used on every channel

Filter Features

  • Independent high/low cut filters
  • Totally variable filter slope (from 6 to 48 dB/Oct & anything in-between)
  • Independently controlled resonance
  • “Listen” function to audition what you’re filtering out
  • Fully sweepable